Monday, July 30, 2007

Busy weekend

This past weekend was a lot of fun. We went to a friends wedding, the San Diego Zoo, and another friends birthday party. So all in all, it was very eventful. Friday we drove down to the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego for the wedding. The Del is is such a beautiful hotel. David and I had looked into staying there Friday night but they were booked. The wedding was very beautiful, beautiful bride and beautiful message. It did feel a little odd though to me, I think it was because it was on a Friday and I had worked earlier that day. The food was amazing, lobster bisque, salad, and fillet Mignon. Thanks Sterling and Ashleigh for inviting us! The next day David and I went to the San Diego zoo. I can not remember exactly when was the last time I had been to the zoo. I believe it may have been back when I was in either 5th or 6th grade, my parents took us to the zoo in Denver. It was very hot and lots of walking. I really enjoyed it but I don't think its a place I need to go back to anytime soon. We'll go back when we have kids. By the time we left the zoo we were starving. David mentioned a mexican resturant that he had been too when he was little. We had no clue where it was but he just looked it up on the gps and we were off. The restaurant is El Indio in the Mission Hills area. They have been open since 1940 I believe. David said it was just like he remembered. They had the best chips and salsa ever. I really wish they had another location in Riverside. This place is definitely going on the list of places to go back too. The next day we were so tired that after church we both took naps and then went over to our Rachel and Scott's apartment to celebrate our friend Rob's birthday. Happy 26th Birthday Rob! We ate and played games. So overall, the weekend was very busy but a lot of fun. Here are some photos of the wedding.


I have been blogging for awhile on myspace and like everyone else I have migrated over here because everyone can read this one. I really want to blog about being a newlywed, cooking, and life in general. I'm not much of a writer and maybe hopefully by blogging regularly I might get better. The key word is might but probably not! :)



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