Friday, October 26, 2007

Cat Wake Up Call

I received this the other day from my friend Brandy and I had to share it! I laughed so hard and watched it another two times as this is so true in our house! Well except for the very end!

Ella and Cali,
If you ever take that resort we will know it was one of you two that did it and you won't get any treats for a month!

Monday, October 22, 2007

No, They Aren't Pancakes: Sweet Corn Fritters


Growing up my mom used to make sweet corn fritters all the time, along with potato pancakes. I always loved both of them. I realized the other day that I have never made either of them for David. I didn't have any potatoes so I decided I would make the sweet corn fritters. They are very quick and easy. You can also easily modify them to suit your craving or preference. You can add either cayenne pepper, onion or cheese. I like them with just salt on them.

Sweet Corn Fritters

Source: Mom
Yield: dozen and half

1 egg
6-8 tbls of milk
3/4 cup of flour
2 cups of corn
1/4 tsp of salt
2 tsp of baking powder

In medium bowl, beat eggs and milk. Add flour, corn and salt. Add any modifications here. Only add baking powder right before frying. In pan, heat vegetable oil over medium heat. Drop mixture to frying pan and cook till golden.

6 Months! Wohoo!!


As of yesterday, October 21st, David and I have been married for 6 months now! It has gone by so quickly! It is amazing how each day goes by quicker than the day before. I can't even imagine how quickly time will pass once we have kids and get older. We were engaged for a year and it never seemed like the day would come and now we are half way through our first year!

Life is proving to be busier and busier every day. This past weekend was busy. On Saturday, us girls celebrated Jenni's birthday at Color Me Mine. I unfortunately don't have any pictures because my camera decided to not work on me. We had a lot of fun. I painted a bowl with oranges and blossoms on it for my kitchen. Hopefully it will turn out well once it is fired. Afterwards, Jenni's husband threw a surprise party for her. He grilled carne asada and it was good!

(This is of everyone at Color Me Mine. I stole this from Jenni's myspace! :))

David spent the day with some guys from church at the UCLA vs. CAL game. They call their annual outing to a UCLA game, "Meat Fest". I made brownies for him to take the night before and I guess everyone loved them. I cheated as they were from a box. Sssh, don't tell anyone! David said the game was great and he had a good time.

Sunday afternoon, I cleaned after church and David took a nap. I have been seriously slacking on the cleaning list but I did get a lot done and the apartment looks pretty good except the office! But we can just close that door if any guests come by! :) For dinner we celebrated our friend Scott's birthday. It was a birthday packed weekend for sure. All of us met at Yard house for dinner and drinks. David and I ordered this good dish called, Garlic Chicken Noodles. It had asparagus(yummm), edamame beans, noodles, chicken, smoked tofu, and mushrooms in it. I really wanted a martini but I couldn't convince myself to spend $10.00 on a drink! Oh well! Overall, the weekend was fun and definitely not long enough!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I have finally been tagged by Brenda!

Four Jobs I Have Had in My Life
(1) Car Hop in high school
(2) Sales Associate
(3) Claims Adjuster
(4) Claims Processor

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
(1) "Emma"
(2) "Office Space"
(3) "You've Got Mail"
(4) Since its getting close to Christmas, "Elf"

Four TV Shows I Like to Watch
(1) The Office
(2) House
(3) Beauty and the Geek
(4) America's Next Top Model

Four Places I Have Vacationed
(1) Hawaii
(2) Colorado
(3) Vancover, British Columbia
(4) Cancun

Four of My Favorite Dishes
(1) Sushi
(2) anything with shrimp
(3) homemade mac n cheese
(4) Spaghetti

Four Websites I Visit Daily
(1) The Nest
(2) Myspace
(3) Tmz
(4) Drudgereport

Four Places I Would Rather Be
(1) With David
(2) Hawaii
(3) Somewhere Tropical
(4) Italy

Four Bloggers I Am Tagging
(1) Courtney
(2) Melissa
(3) Kresta
(4) Everyone has already done it

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Oh Baby


I don't believe I have introduced Troy and Melissa to everyone in my blog world. Troy is David's oldest brother and his wife is Melissa whom was also my maid of honor. They have been married almost 2 1/2 years and are expecting a new addition to their family in a couple of weeks. Jackson will be the first grandchild to the L family so everyone is really excited. They had the family shower today and I was the photographer for the evening. I tried to take photos of everything so Melissa could document it how ever she decides, either through a photo book, scrapbook or the good ole photo album. I also know I have a couple of readers that have babies on the brain as well.

Anyways, Melissa picked out a jungle theme for Jackson's room and included it in the shower as well. It was very cute. They got the rest of the needed essentials like their stroller, car seat and changing table. David and I got them a snuggly. It was only available online and unfortunatly it did not arrive in time. But we did print out a picture of it and put it in the card. How classy are we?! Enough of me chatting and here are some photos.

Food: Taco Salad, Yumm

Games: Candy Bar Diaper




When It Rains It Pours

It poured today. I really thought the day was going very well. David and I slept in and then watched Beauty and the Geek in bed. We then got up and went to our favorite Saturday lunch spot, for Tony's 50 cent tostadas! We didn't have to wait long for our food and they were so good. After lunch though it started to pour. My guacamole recipe was specifically requested for Melissa and Troy's baby shower that was later that afternoon along with taco meat. I will post about the shower later. I went to Staters and bought all the ingredients for the guac. When I cut open the avocados, out of seven only one was okay! I was so frustrated! It wasn't like one or two were bad, six of them were! I decided I would add everything else to the bowl and go to the Staters by the church and get new ones. We parked and as I was getting out of the car, the bag holding the taco meat broke. I watched in slow motion as my nice dish fell to ground and broke into tiny pieces and taco meat went everywhere! So, I bought 6 more avocados and more ground beef! I had to re-cook the meat in the church kitchen. Then out of those 6 avocados, two where bad! So my guacamole was more like salsa than guac. I am crossing Staters off the list for avocados. It's just so annoying, because when you buy them from anyone else they are normally hard. You have to wait a couple of days before using them and Staters are always perfect. So today it poured but hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jury Duty

I had to go to jury duty today! :( It was so very boring. I literally sat around all day doing nothing. I have only previously once been called for jury duty. The last time was for a gang murder trial and I was the second to last person kicked off! I was so glad to not get on that trial, but part of me was a little sad. I was thankful because at the time I was working at Mercury and it was a very high pace and high stress position where I could not afford to be gone the two weeks the trial was going to take. But part of me was sad because I think it could have been an interesting experience to have in ones life. Well, when I got my jury summons in the mail this time I was leaning more towards wanting to be picked. I looked up my companies policy on jury duty and they would cover an unlimited amount of days for me to be gone. I went in and I was assigned a trial. I sat and watched while many people where asked questions. We took a break and then more people were asked questions. Finally, I got a hour and half break for lunch in which David joined me. We ate at the Coffee Court. It was pretty good and then I had to go back. We waited a long time and finally they brought us back in. I think it may have been a pretty open and shut case as they only eliminated 3 people the entire day. So I found myself excused and again I felt a little relieved I didn't get it but a little more sad than last time. I felt as if my work situation was better this year. Hopefully someday I will get a chance to serve on a jury once. It will happen when the time is right. In the meantime life can resume its normally programming.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Baby A

David and I were finally able to visit our friends the A's newborn baby boy Miles! Boy is he cute! For those of you that don't know who I am talking about, here is a little background on the A's family. Hubby met David A. when they were in football camp back in high school. David A. was hubby's best man in our wedding. David's wife is Talia who cuts my hair, she does an awesome job by the way. Their other son Sammy who is also adorable was our ring bearer. If you have seen our wedding pictures you can't forget Sammy's cute face.

Anyways back to baby Miles, he was such a good baby. He was quiet our entire visit at their house and then out to dinner at Claim Jumper. Seeing his cute little fingers and nose made me want one of our own. Its going to have to be awhile though, so until then we can spoil Sammy and Miles. Here are some pictures Miles.

David holding Miles

Some photos of Sammy. He is such a ham!

Monday, October 8, 2007

How addicted am I?

I used to be addicted to Dr Pepper. David used to joke around that it was my crack, as I would drink 3 or 4 cans a day! Way to many! So that lasted until I started getting kidney stones and was told by my doctor that I couldn't drink caffeine anymore. It was really hard to cut back, but I have been very good the last year. I now limit myself to one soda a week with caffeine. After, I got over the Dr Pepper adiction I soon had another though. When David and I got engaged, I then became addicted to the talk boards on the knot and wedding planning. Since, the wedding is done my new addiction started to form. Can you guess? Well, I just took a quiz and here are my results!

70%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

100% Free Personals from JustSayHi

Anybody know of a support group that I can join?!

Awesome Photographer!

David met Scott Montgomery on his backpacking trip to the Sierra's. We saw him yesterday and he gave us the link to his website. We took a look and boy is he good! He has an awesome way of catching peoples personalities and their thoughts with his camera. Compostionally his photos are amazing! I love his photo under his portfolio: people 1, of the older gentleman standing in front of the old house with his briefcase. The photo really portrays the thought that this man has traveled through life because of his briefcase and the old house in the background. Definitely check it out his website here.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Caught Ya!

The other day David had our locks changed on our doors and ever since then our front security door does not always shut all the way. I was coming back from the laundry room, yes I actually did laundry! :) Anyways, I was walking back when I saw a certain set of two kitties, who looked very guilty, playing outside our front door in the grass! When leaving I must not have pulled the door shut all the way and they pushed it open and decided to explore. As soon as they saw me though, they ran to the door and wanted back in. I got them inside and they went nuts. They kept chasing each other back and forth, jumping in the air and doing flips. I tried taking some pictures of them playing, but its so hard since they move so quickly!

Finally tired and ready to sleep!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Yummy Sushi!

Last night, David and I went with our friends Scott and Rachel to the sushi restaurant Oishii. We typically go to Ooka and I felt a little guilty for going somewhere else but we had a good reason for it. Oishii is celebrating their one year anniversary and from 5-7pm all of their rolls are half off. How awesome is that! I ate way too much though, about 3 rolls myself! I have to say my favorite roll is a Philadelphia Roll. It is so good! For those that don't know, a Philadelphia roll consists of cream cheese, salmon and cucumber. Yumm, so good! Anyway, their special lasts for the month of Oct so we will definitely be hitting it up several times before its over!

On another note, I have been doing pretty good with keeping up on the cleaning schedule accept for the laundry! I am not really surprised as I hate doing laundry. I really dislike having to drag it all down to the laundry room and back. Our apartment manager, told David yesterday, that they are thinking about putting in the smart cards so you don't have to use quarters. I will be very excited about that. My old apartment complex had them and it was much nicer than having to scrounge around for quarters all the time!

David is filming races again this weekend. They are heading out to Havasu tonight and will be back very early Sunday morning around 2 or 3! So as for the weekend, David asked me to do laundry while he was gone. Blah! Tomorrow I am going out to visit Kristy, as I have not seen her in a very long time. We are going to hang out and go shopping. For lunch Kristy suggested surprise, surprise SUSHI!! That's two times in one week! Ssshh, don't tell the hubby! As for Sunday, I have no plans other than church in the morning. I am sure David will just want to relax since he worked the day before.

On a side note, my list of blogs that I stalk has been growing so much. I was reading a blog last night that suggested using to keep track of the blogs that you read. It notifies you that someone has posted a new blog. Its such a great site. I wish I had known about it earlier! So check it out.

Thats it for today! Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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