Wednesday, December 30, 2009

~ 9 Weeks

So 9 weeks, holy cow! The weeks are starting to go by more quickly instead of dragging by like they were. I think this is because the concept that I am actually pregnant is starting to sink in.

How am I doing... so, so. I don't feel good in the evenings mostly, recently becoming more through out the day. Most of the time food sounds disgusting. I really shouldn't complain though, because compared to so many other women, I am not throwing up. I haven't even thrown up once, gagged and dry heaved, but haven't thrown up.. yet.

I mentioned to a friend the other day, I feel like a wuss. Normally, I am the type of person that when I am sick I will go to work, bad in grand scheme of things I know, but I tough it out. So this is why I haven't really blogged, I haven't wanted to be a "complainer", which I totally feel like I am doing. Then I start thinking about the women who struggle with Infertility and how reading about someone complaining of m/s (morning sickness) is frustrating for them. They would do anything including throwing up all day long, just to be pregnant.

I guess this will be my "one" post complaining about m/s. You won't hear a peep more about it. But in general, I feel like I am not living in my own body anymore. I think I may have been abducted by aliens some evening while sleeping and in doing so they returned me to bed in a different body. ;) Anyways, it's so very weird. Physically and emotionally I don't feel like myself which at times feels overwhelming as well.

On a good note though, I have another appointment next Tuesday and I believe I heard my dr say they were going to do another ultrasound, which would be awesome. David said he was sure she said it. It would make my day to hear the heartbeat!

Oh the joys of pregnancy! I thought I knew what I was getting myself into, but boy was I wrong!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I have been Keeping a Secret...

from you all, which has been very hard! I have very much wanted to blog about it and thus the reason for why it's been so quiet over here. Some of you are probably thinking, I think I know what she is going to say... so just spill! Some of you even know the secret already.

So... my big news is that after a year and half of trying, David and I are expecting a little addition to our family! Baby L is due 08/04/10! We are extremely excited!

I had my first appointment last week, in which I had an u/s (ultrasound) and we saw the heartbeat. One of the most amazing sights! I just sat in awe and it was over way too quickly.

Since, our appointment we have started spreading the news and it is becoming more real. But in many ways it's still very much a dream. God has finally blessed us with the little miracle, that we have been praying for month, after month!

Here is picture of our little "bean" taken at 5w5d's:

The baby is the little blob, which you can't really see, but it's a beautiful blob!



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