Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jury Duty

I had to go to jury duty today! :( It was so very boring. I literally sat around all day doing nothing. I have only previously once been called for jury duty. The last time was for a gang murder trial and I was the second to last person kicked off! I was so glad to not get on that trial, but part of me was a little sad. I was thankful because at the time I was working at Mercury and it was a very high pace and high stress position where I could not afford to be gone the two weeks the trial was going to take. But part of me was sad because I think it could have been an interesting experience to have in ones life. Well, when I got my jury summons in the mail this time I was leaning more towards wanting to be picked. I looked up my companies policy on jury duty and they would cover an unlimited amount of days for me to be gone. I went in and I was assigned a trial. I sat and watched while many people where asked questions. We took a break and then more people were asked questions. Finally, I got a hour and half break for lunch in which David joined me. We ate at the Coffee Court. It was pretty good and then I had to go back. We waited a long time and finally they brought us back in. I think it may have been a pretty open and shut case as they only eliminated 3 people the entire day. So I found myself excused and again I felt a little relieved I didn't get it but a little more sad than last time. I felt as if my work situation was better this year. Hopefully someday I will get a chance to serve on a jury once. It will happen when the time is right. In the meantime life can resume its normally programming.

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