Saturday, March 8, 2008

Beautiful Blog

I was reading Seeking Faithfulness, when Holly urged her readers to check out, Confessions of a CF Husband. This is an amazing blog, about a Nathan and his wife Tricia, who has Cystic Fibrosis and their journey towards Tricia receiving a double lung transplant. They were preparing for her transplant, when they found out Tricia was pregnant. Her doctors urged them to have an abortion as both Tricia and the baby's life was at risk. They prayed and decided to continue on with the pregnancy and put Tricia's transplant on hold. Gwyneth Rose was born at 25 weeks gestation and has been in the NICU for the past 2 months! Tricia has recently been placed on the active list for a transplant and is now waiting. Their family has many more trials ahead of them.

Go check out and read their story of love, strength and faith in God. I know you will love it as much as I do!

Confessions of a CF Husband

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MilePost13 on March 8, 2008 at 8:00 PM said...

Thank you!



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