Friday, March 5, 2010

Random Friday Musings

Hello Friday! Oh how, I have missed you! It took you long enought to get here.
Since, it's Friday here are some random musings:
~ I am really looking forward to seeing Alice in Wonderland! It better be good as the previews look!
~ I was going through some old, old posts on here and boy some of them are horrible. So boring and seriously lacking punctuation! If you started reading around when I started this blog, thank you for sticking around!
~ Why are Thin Mint Girls Scout cookies so darn good!?!
~ I "think" I may have smelled Orange blossoms last night. I was locking up for the night and I caught what I thought was the scent and then I took a big smell and nothing, hmmmm.... It's getting to be that time of year again, so maybe I did smell it. I really wish we lived closer to the groves!
~ Last night's Office episode, made me cringe several times. Oh my goodness! We haven't really watched this season, but I heard that is was the episode in which Pam had her baby, so I just had to watch it.
~ The rain needs to just stop for awhile, so we can get the backyard area cleaned up and all the leaves picked up. It still hasn't dried out from the last rain. Oh and the Jalapeno plant is still alive, it's now going on it's third year! Amazing since everything else died a long time ago.
Hope everyone has a great weekend! Try and stay warm or for all the So Cal peeps, keep dry!

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Hazeleyessue on March 5, 2010 at 6:01 PM said...

Troy and I were just talking about the orange blossoms! I am sooo looking forward to them this year considering we are just a very short distance from the groves! Feel free to stop by to enjoy the smell with us. Warm spring nights scented with fragrant orange blossoms are the best!



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