Thursday, October 14, 2010

Going back to Work

I would love, love, love to stay at home with Ivy, but unfortunately it's pretty impossible for me to do so. We have crunched the numbers and thanks largely impart to my student loans, I can't stay at home with her.

So as of Monday, I will be back to work. :(

She will be at home during the week with daddy. This makes me feel so much better. If I can't be at home with her, the next best thing is Dad. I know the two of them will form a special bond because of this, which is a plus.

In preparing to go back to work, I began pumping a couple of weeks ago to build up a stash. I also started taking Fenugreek in efforts to bump up my supply. I started taking it when I started pumping, so I'm not sure if it has actually helped. I think it has though. I figure if it doesn't help, oh well as it's not hurting me to take it.

One thing that I dislike about it, is that I now smell like maple syrup. Yuck! I hate maple syrup. David thinks it's funny. The plan is, if I am able to pump enough at work and not have to dip into my stash or do additional pumping sessions while at home, I will probably stop taking the Fenugreek. And if not, I guess I will smell like maple syrup for several more months!

Ivy is also exclusively breast fed and I knew I wanted to introduce the bottle in advance, so David didn't have any problems when I actually went back to work. When we introduced the pacifier at 4 weeks, she would not take one. We tried several different types and she finally took a Nuk, but that was also with a lot of persuading. Because of this, I was so sure we were going to have problems introducing the bottle.

Well, when it came down to it, she took the bottle from David like a pro! Whew! I took a really cute photo of her taking her first bottle, but I can't find the camera anywhere!

The bottle that she ended up taking was the first one we tried, which was the Medela bottle that the pump provided. I also have some Weil Baby bottles that I received from the Ellen show, but we haven't tried them yet.

So far, she has taken several bottles from David and a bottle from my mother in law, with no problems. I have not given her any, as I fear that if I do, she might decide to reject the boob, due to the bottle being easier. My goal is to breast feed for a year or more and unless I absolutely had to, I don't want to do anything that might decrease my supply.

Going back to work also has required some new clothes. I hate spending money on new clothes, especially when my old ones are still nice, but my old ones don't fit. I have lost all of the baby weight that I gained, all 40 lbs! Wohoo! But, my boobs increased dramatically in size. I went from a small B to small D. Holy cow!

My pre-pregnancy clothes also tended to be on the form fitting side, so the bigger chest, plus the tiny bit of belly left, doesn't work in my book. Properly fitting clothes are a must when dressing professionally for work! We went shopping and I came home with several new shirts that I am looking forward to wearing!

I have 4 days left of maternity leave and I am trying to savor every moment that is left. I decided that I will not fret over going back to work. I will not spend this time worrying about it and being a bad mood. Nothing can be done to change the fact that I have to go back, so I am going to enjoy these last 4 days with baby girl!

And if any of you have any of you working mommas have advice, I am all ears!

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Courtney on October 14, 2010 at 5:07 PM said...

Going back to work after having a new little one is always hard, even after the first. But it gets easier with time and now I enjoy "my" time away and the kids enjoy their time playing with their friends at the babysitter. It's finding the right balance and making the quality time that you do get with her really count.

My best advice is to make sure you pump every 3 hours at work. My schedule was breastfeed in the morning before leaving for work, pump at 9, pump at lunch, pump at 3, breastfeed as soon as you get home. You can adjust it to your work schedule though. I found if I pumped less, then my supply would decrease. I breastfed both my boys for the first year. You can do it!! :)



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