Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Plans for Labor Day Weekend

David and I had talked about going camping for Labor Day weekend. We have only gone camping once this entire summer and that was on Memorial Day. We did have a lot going on, especially with trying to merge two households into one after we got married. So I had insisted since it the last three day weekend of summer that we had to go camping. After coming back from his backpacking trip he said he didn't really want to go camping this weekend, which I canunderstand since it was a very tough trip. I was a little bummed to hear this as I really just wanted to get away for the weekend and just enjoy being together, just the two of us. Later yesterday evening, David told me that on Friday, I better have my bags packed and ready to go after work! He won't tell me what he is planning but it entails being gone all weekend. Since its probably not camping, I wonder what it is! :)

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