Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Don't Judge A Restaurant By It's Cover, Opps I Mean Book

There is this amazingly good, whole in the wall, Mexican place near my work. I have to thank my coworkers for introducing me to the place, as it is definitely somewhere that I would never stop at myself. As run down as it looks on the outside, there is always a line (we normally call in our orders) and there are always several truckers pulled over on the side of the road to get food. I always get their carne asada tacos and they are so good!

Last week, I took David there and he loved it. On Sunday after church, we were hungry and he suggested going back for lunch. We invited some friends of ours to meet us there and the looks on their faces when they pulled up were great. I am sure they were thinking to themselves what did we agree too? What's neat is that everyone seemed to really like it.

It's always awesome knowing the local places and getting some good authentic Mexican food. That is one of the things, that I do love about living here. Don't even try to find any authentic Mexican food in Indiana!

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