Monday, December 31, 2007

Bring On The Warmth!

Lately, it has been really cold for Southern California. The other day when I got up for work it was about 31 degrees! Too cold!
We got our electricity bill the other day and we were shocked at how much it was. It was around $130.00, which is what we normally pay during peak summer months, while running the air conditioning all day long. I started keeping track of how often the heat comes on and it is about once every hour! Our apartments were built in the mid 70's and I really think they weren't built very well. We are loosing a lot of heat through our windows and the huge sliding glass door in our bedroom. I really dislike the sliding glass door because I can feel the cold coming through the window while laying in bed. Since it has been even colder, I have been sleeping with the down comforter we have along with 3 other blankets on my side! Now you would think that because I grew up in the Midwest that I would be able to handle the cold weather but no! Its amazing how quickly you become climatized and I am always cold! When I go outside, I wear my thick pea coat, gloves and my scarf. I am dressed as if I was really in the windy city of Chicago!

I keep trying to think of ways we can keep it warmer in our apartment. I know this is tacky but the other night, we put a sheet in between the blinds and sliding glass door! Sad thing is that it only helps a little bit. I think I might just have to suck it up and be cold for awhile or cough up the moula to run the heat more. I think I am leaning towards the warmer idea. Now if I can only convince David!

On a side note, we only have a week and half till we get to go on vacation! I am starting to get excited about going to Miami. I think it is finally starting to sink in that we are going. With some of the Christmas cash I got as presents, we bought myself a new camera for the trip. It's nothing too special, just something small that I can fit in my purse and take snapshots of people. I think I am most excited about the size because my old camera is a monster compared to the new one! Another thing I am excited about for our trip, is that I checked the weather forecast and for next Wednesday when we fly in, it is supposed to be 78 degrees! Wohoo! I'll get to defrost in Miami!

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