Tuesday, December 18, 2007

One week left to go!

So I am finally putting up a picture of our Christmas tree. It only took me almost 3weeks to do so! I was really excited to get our tree this year, since it is our first Christmas being married. I think it looks a little bit of a boy tree though because most of the ornaments are David's thus there are trucks or boy ornaments. I don't have many ornaments, as all mine from growing up are still at my parent's house in Indiana. My mom said she would mail them to me and they are supposed to arrive on Friday. Hopefully, they actually arrive that day as it would be quite sad if they only got here the day before Christmas.

Celebrating Christmas wise, we don't have any real plans yet. David requested waffles for breakfast. We will probably then open our presents for each other and then head over to his parents place for the rest of the day. We have been invited to spend Christmas Eve with our friends that live in the OC. I really like going down there as the food is always delicious and the company great. We then all go together to the Christmas Eve service which my family always did when I was little. Hopefully we will be able to go down there again this year.

I spoke with my mom on Sunday and they had received 9 inches of snow! She had just finished shoveling the driveway. Her snowblower clonked out on her half way thru and she had to finish it by hand. When she told me this I remembered that I love the snow to visit but not live in it!

I have most of my shopping done and only have a couple of little things I need to get. I have been slowly working on wrapping all the presents, so I wouldn't have 5 hours of wrapping to do on Christmas Eve. At my work though, we are doing a Secret Santa gift exchange and I have no clue what to get the person I picked! I will probably be buying her present last minute! Anyways, there are only 7 days left till Christmas. It sure has gone by quickly!

2 comments on "One week left to go!"

Mz Brandy on December 19, 2007 at 9:13 AM said...

Beautiful tree!

Discombobulated on December 20, 2007 at 3:37 PM said...

Your tree is huge. Gorgeous.



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