Monday, December 24, 2007

Not So Traditional

Just a little bit of an update. At work today we had lunch at around 11. Towards the end of lunch the president got up and gave a little speech about how everyone has done a great job this year. He finished it up with telling us we could go home to spend the rest of the day with our families. I am really thankful to be part of a great company as they do so much for their employees.

I got home a little after 12 and finished working on a craft/Christmas present. I then finished up the last of the wrapping when David brought home even more presents which needed to be wrapped! Pretty much I spent the afternoon wrapping gifts. At around 6 we picked up In-N-Out as it was one of the only places open. We took it back to David's grandparents house, ate and watched a little bit of tv. We went by CVS pharmacy on the way back to pick up some eggs for tomorrow. I couldn't believe how busy the place was. I was really surprised and saddened to see that they will be open tomorrow on Christmas day.

But, I am currently sitting next to the Christmas tree and it looks beautiful. I have two presents left to wrap. In a second, we are going to walk over to Troy & Melissa's place to watch, Christmas Vacation. Its turning out to be a pretty good Christmas Eve even if its not what I had wished for.

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Marlin Munoz on December 24, 2007 at 11:32 PM said...

Merry Christmas Robyn and David! How funny, we have a tradition of eating In-N-Out every Christmas Eve! Maybe it will become tradition for you also! We need to get together soon, because Santa dropped off an 11x14 print for you!!



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