Monday, May 5, 2008

I <3 Bed Bath and Beyond

Whenever, David works on weekends or has to be gone overnight, I always miss him a ton. When these days do happen, I take this time to catch up America's Next Top Model, hang out with the girls and do girl stuff. This Saturday, was one of those days and I quite enjoyed myself. Lots of shopping for a certain someone and lunch filled with laughter and good food.

When David asked what I wanted for my birthday, I immediately said curtains. I think he was a little sad as he couldn't pick them out and wrap them up and thus wouldn't be a surprise, but he agreed. I have wanted some for the living room for ages. We have blinds in our apartment, but I always feel like curtains add a homey feel to the room. My birthday has come and gone and we just haven't had the time to go looking.

Well, I was finally able look for curtains for the living room this weekend! One of my favorite places for home goods is Bed Bath and Beyond. So while shopping, I suggested we should head on over there as I had a gift certificate from the inlaws for my birthday. I saw some curtains that I really liked and would be great in the living room. I just have to show them to the hubby and get his opinion. Hopefully, we will be able to go over to BBB after work today to look at them!

I will take pictures if we buy them, along with the mirror David got me for my birthday!

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