Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween at Disneyland

David and I have had passes to Disneyland off and on the last couple of years. While planning the wedding we did not have them and we missed going so much. Thankfully our good friends the A's bought us passes as a wedding present. This was the best present we received! I had never been though to Disneyland when it was decorated for Halloween. I can't believe I had never been considering how much I love fall. It is my favorite season, well I love fall in the midwest. Not the fall we get here in Ca! That's another whole topic. We went to Disneyland on two different occasions in Oct with friends from church. Basically we had a blast. The first time we had a scavenger hunt which was so much fun! The second time we just hung out and tried to hit as many rides as we could, which we don't normally do. Any pass holder knows you can always come back and ride the rides when there is no one at the park. It was great to change it up a bit. So here are some photos of our two adventures.

Our list of questions we had to complete for the scavenger hunt

One of the scavenger hunt tasks was to take a picture of our group in each of the cars in toon town.

1 comments on "Halloween at Disneyland"

Discombobulated on November 2, 2007 at 5:57 PM said...

We have passes as well, totally need to go soon.

I never knew about the scavenger hut, that looks really fun!



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