Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 5: I Hear Sleigh Bells

I still can't get over that it is November. I think I am in denial, haha. Since, Halloween is over everyone decided it's now okay to start celebrating Christmas. What about Thanksgiving?

Target had Christmas stuff out on Saturday when I was there. I picked up a pumpkin spiced latte on my way to work on Monday and they are using their Christmas cups. I was asked if I wanted to try something with Eggnog. No way, I'm still in fall mode! David is sitting here right now watching Myth Busters and it's an episode about whether or not a frozen Christmas tree can explode. If anyone cares, the myth was busted. :P

Anyways, once Thanksgiving is over then I will be all about Christmas! But until then we need to focus on Thanksgiving! So my question for you all is what's you favorite dish, desert or food item that you eat on Thanksgiving?

My favorite would probably be Stove Top stuffing!

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