Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 14: Weekend in Review

Overall it was a pretty good weekend! Busy, relaxing and productive.

Friday night, Ivy and I got all bundled up and went with Jenni and Dave to one of the local high schools football game. It was Ivy's first game and she did great. She slept through most of it, including sleeping through the screaming done by the young boys behind us. When she was awake, she was really intrigued by all the sights and sounds.

Saturday, Ivy and I went to a friends baby shower and then made a trip to Trader Joe's. I also made this flan for our friends wine tasting/dinner party. I'm not normally a big fan of flan, but this recipe was really good! I want to make it again. The wine tasting was fun and like always the food and company were great.

I also noticed that Ivy has figured out how move her pacifier in and out of her mouth. It has to be in her mouth first for her to be able to do it. She can't pick it up and put it in her mouth. Well she can pick it up, but she ends up trying to put it in backwards or sideways.

Then today, we went to church, then lunch with David's parents and then came home and cleaned. This evening the family came by for pizza and hanging out.

Whew! I need another weekend to relax from how busy we were!

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