Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 7: Fast Forward

Can we just fast forward a couple of days, or a week from now?

I hate waiting and not knowing if the person, who took my purse, was able to cash my paycheck. Today has seriously crawled by. I had already been planning on taking tomorrow off and was looking forward to sleeping in and relaxing, but instead the day will be busy dealing with not so fun issues. I am not looking forward to it.

Otherwise on a good note, Ivy allowed me to scrub down the entire shower today. She sat in her swing and watched me the entire time. I didn't think cleaning the shower was that interesting, haha.

And the time change wasn't too bad for her. She normally sleeps in till 10 or 10:30, so when she woke up at 9:00 this morning, it wasn't super early. Tonight though, I was hoping to keep her up till her normal bedtime of 9:00, but she was falling asleep in my arms at 8:00. I went ahead and just put her down.

I think the time change in the spring will be a harder adjustment for her since she will be older and also because you loose an hour!

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