Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sweat Deals on Yummy Food

I always love going to restaurants that I haven't been to before. On Thursday, we got the chance to go to another sushi restaurant, here in Riverside. We headed over to Akina up in Orangecrest, with Tim and Casey. David had bought a $25 gift certificate, for $5 from I am sure your thinking, how is that possible! Well, basically it just works. I don't know how, but it does. Normally, there are certain restrictions, like you can only use the certificate from Sunday through Thursday. Also, you have to spend a minimum amount on your food. I say check it out their website and see for yourself!

So we ordered our typical rolls, that we normally get and when they came out the pieces were so large! I could barely fit it in my mouth. It was extremely good! I really liked how their Shrimp Tempura roll has asparagus in it. It gave the roll and extra little something. I think this might be our new place for sushi. I love Ooka as the decor is more modern and hip and the quality of the fish is great. Akina is an older restaurant and the sushi bar is a little bit of a tight squeeze but the sushi just as good as Ooka. But you can't beat the price when you use the gift certificates from All this talk about sushi has got me craving it again!

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