Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We're Back!

Well, we are back from Miami! We flew back yesterday and and after a long plane flight, we got in around 4:30. We had a great trip and I will definitely be blogging about it, but it will be in installments. I did just want to touch on some differences that I noticed between here and Florida. First off, I never once was asked to see my id when making a credit card purchase, which means if they were stolen anyone could have used it. I even used David's card once by accident thinking it was mine and they didn't even look at the name. If they had they would have noticed I'm not a guy and the card was not mine! Checking your id is one thing that I am very glad they do out here. I also noticed, that none of the bathrooms I entered, ever had the paper seat covers! Boy am I glad that we have those here. They drive slow out there as well, which is probably safer but when your used to how they drive here it can be annoying. Spanish was the primary language in many places. I figured since we have a very large Hispanic population here and you hear Spanish spoken a lot that Florida would be similar. I was surprised on several occasions there was no one to speak English to us. It did make for some fun when we were trying to figure out what we even ordering to eat! Lastly, everyone was extremely nice. There was none of the rudeness or ignoring of people that you get here. Oh gosh, I almost forgot, in the hotel we were staying at, it had no blankets or comforters on the bed. They only had three sheets on them and that's it. We asked for blankets and they looked at us like we were nuts! I was cold the first night, but they were finally able to scrounge up some blankets for us the next night. Overall, it was a great trip and hopefully I will get some pictures up soon!

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