Saturday, November 29, 2008

Too Early In The Morning

I had to do some errands early this morning, so I woke up at 7. That is an ungodly hour, when you're not getting up for work or it's the weekend. And especially when it's the weekend of a holiday!

Since, I was off on Thanksgiving and yesterday when the alarm went off, I felt like I was getting up to go to work. The cats thought I was going to work as well and did their normal routine of sitting in the bathroom with me while I get ready.

Once I was up and around, it was nice to be out in the crisp morning weather. The sun was further up than when I go to work, which was also nice. The downfall was that I have been so tired all day. I kept yawning like crazy and I am getting to bed late again.

Yes getting up early has it benefits, but not enough for me. I would still rather be in my nice comfy bed, with my kitty laying on me and my hubby next to me. Early rising on a holiday weekend should be banned!

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